Infusion of Research Skills into Existing Courses

This initiative is aimed at exposing students across the university to research skills prior to their capstone (final) research projects. This is achieved by departments identifying three courses into which research skills can be infused without altering the content of the courses themselves. Here the focus is placed on the assignments given. The three areas that are emphasised in this initiative at this time are (1) literature review, (2) making presentations and handling feedback, and (3) developing methodology for investigation. These research skills are not meant to be viewed through a traditional lens. The departments are asked to adapt the language to their specific circumstances.


Establish a Two-Credit Research Engagement Course in the Office for Undergraduate Research

This course will emphasise practical engagement on real research projects that are either executed by the OUR or by an approved partner. The students will learn research skills in a practical setting and will receive hands-on training in relevant research skills. Example assignments include conducting interviews to collect qualitative and quantitative data, making transcripts of interviews, analysing data, writing research reports, working on laboratory experiments with mentors, conducting fieldwork, and presenting completed work. The course credits will be assigned based on satisfactory completion of assigned tasks.


Spotlight on Minority Issues in Enrolment at UG

This is intended to be an ongoing data collection and dissemination project that will provide information about the composition of the student population so that suggestions can be made about specific sub-populations that should be targeted through recruitment initiatives. The analysis will focus on both the overall university composition and the composition within departments. Ultimately, the aim is to have this developed into an automatic tracking system that updates in real-time. However, in the initial stages, the information will be presented as time snapshots.


Spotlight on Best Practices in Mentoring Undergraduate Research at UG

This is a project that will collect and disseminate information about how departments/faculties guide students through the research process in the final year of their studies. It will foster discussions among faculty members and with students in a move to learn about our practices and determine approaches to improve the research experience of undergraduates at the university.


Undergraduate Research Experience in Focus

This initiative involves a series of presentations and discussions with past students who achieved research excellence and current students that are engaged in interesting projects. The aim is to help demystify the process, motivate students and highlight realistic standards that undergraduates can aspire to.


Database of Undergraduate Research Excellence

Under this initiative, a web-based database of research/presentations and the personalities of students who achieved the OUR standard of research excellence will be developed.


Support Student Engagement in Research

This activity focuses on four specific issues: (1) formalising and maintaining UG’s membership in the Council on Undergraduate Research, (2) supporting a minimum of 10 undergraduate students per year in accessing opportunities to present research both locally and overseas, beyond the University of Guyana’s Undergraduate Research Conference, (3) organising the Annual Undergraduate Research Conferences at UG, and (4) identifying research topics of national and university-wide interest so that undergraduates might pursue them.